What our clients are saying.

Matt walked us through the trust & estate planning process explaining all the issues & factors in a way that was easy to understand. His expertise & ability to break down an involved subject were invaluable.

Matt was very approachable & responsive to all of our questions. He was generous with his time & we never felt rushed or on the clock. He was extremely prompt in replying to emails & phone calls. Matt was a great sounding board, giving us just the right amount of guidance needed to help us make the estate planning decisions that were appropriate for us. We felt very comfortable working with him.

We had consultations with two other law firms before choosing Margolis Weldon. There's no doubt we made the right decision.

Tom and Gail G.

We took our 90+ year old mother to a new agency, as her previous attorney had moved out of state.  My Mom really adored her prior attorney, and then she met with Lauren Weldon.

Our Mom, my sister and I could not be more pleased!  We are so fortunate to have found Lauren, as she has ability to see the intricacies of our family and tread lightly (with a now 91.5 year old) in areas not so pleasant and be guidance and representation in recent elder financial abuse.  I fully endorse Margolis Weldon, LLC for representation and personal legal care for anyone's needs, especially in their treatment of elder people, as she patiently treats them with dignity and respect.  If I lived in IL, rather than IA, I would ask to hire for my own representation, rather than just for my Mom's.  Thank you Lauren!

Jenny T.

We have been working with Matt for over four years. He has worked on both of our mom's, two of our elderly aunts and now our trusts. He has revised and created new trusts for all of us. His working knowledge of trusts and estate planning is exceptional and his great personality extends into his work, especially in working with the elderly. You could not find a better person to guide you through the trust procedures. We both thank Matt for being a great lawyer and friend.

Bob and Jackie K.

Lauren Weldon has helped me set up a trust to protect assets for my family. She has always responded promptly to my many, many questions about what to do and how to do it. I believe it is more than just a job to her and that she cares about the well-being of my family. I certainly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent attorney who specializes in elder law.

Marlene B.

I met Matt Margolis and Lauren Weldon while looking for an assisted living place for my aunt to live. As part of the process, we needed to set up paperwork to care for her and her affairs on a day to day basis. We worked primarily with Lauren, but found them both to be very intelligent, knowledgeable, caring and professional attorneys. They simplified the complicated processes of a Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Power of Attorney, and made it easier for an elderly person to understand, and then completed all the necessary paperwork in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a firm for the purposes of estate planning.

Cathleen H.

One of the worst fears about retirement is outliving your assets.  And when you live well past your expected lifetime, it becomes - except for the wealthiest among us - a near certainty.

This happened to my mother recently, when at her advanced age, she suffered a stroke, requiring rehabilitation and long-term skilled nursing care.

After being referred to MW LLC, Lauren Weldon made an assessment of the situation, recommended an action plan, and assembled a team of experts to help implement that plan.

Without Lauren expertise and council, I could not have fathomed by myself the various legal and financial ramifications I was suddenly facing at my mother's time of need.

Jerry C.

How fortunate that Matt's name was given to me by a friend. I came to him with little information about how to proceed with a financial plan to provide for my dad's growing care needs. My sister and I wanted to be able to ensure that Dad would have the skilled care he needed, even while the cost was growing month to month. At our initial consultation, Matt took the time to explore and explain several options for dealing with the situation. He also advised us regarding the choices. What amazed me was that at the end of that meeting, I actually understood his proposal because he had taken the time to clarify the steps and respond to all of our questions. I also appreciated Matt's availability for follow up calls which included speaking to multiple family members involved in the decision. He clearly laid out what we needed to do and continued to answer all of our questions as they arose. We also enjoyed meeting Lauren and appreciated her insight and support. We are most grateful for their guidance, expertise, kindness, and consideration through what might have otherwise been a confusing and overwhelming situation. We thank them for all of their efforts on behalf of Dad and our family, and we heartily recommend Margolis Weldon LLC to others we know who can certainly benefit from their knowledge and wisdom.

Karen L.

We were introduced to Matt Margolis almost three years ago. My wife and I were searching for options to deal with my father’s declining health. We met with Matt and discussed strategies, eventually bringing in my mother and father to develop a life care plan, which included an asset protection trust, updated powers of attorney, and assistance with applying for Medicaid (to ease the financial burden on my parents). Matt was great with my mother and handled her concerns gently and with great respect. In addition, he introduced us to a geriatric care manager that helped us move my father into a nursing home. At the time of his move, my father had serious stomach problems and liver disease, to the point where he wasn’t expected to survive for longer than two to three months. My father recently passed away, but due to the care he received, we believe his life was extended by almost two years.

I have recommended Matt Margolis and his services to my friends that are finding their own parents having difficulty with late life decisions, both financial and medical. My wife and I are now in the process of working with Matt regarding our own planning.

Joe M.