Matthew R. Margolis

Matt simply enjoys helping people. When he fell into the practice areas of Estate Planning and Elder Law in March of 2011, he truly found his calling. Thinking he would miss the hustle and bustle of being in the loop, wearing a suit every day, and "fighting" in court, he soon realized that there was more to the practice of law.

Matt grew up in Skokie and attended Niles West High School. He went on to DePaul University where he finally became acclimated to the city of Chicago. Matt knew he wanted to attend law school since he was in 7th grade. He majored in business at DePaul because he always wanted to work for himself and figured it would come in handy at some point. In his first year of law school at John Marshall, Matt realized that he was the only business major in his entire class of 70 plus students.

Upon graduation from John Marshall Law School in May 2009 and after passing the bar, Matt went out on his own for the first 18 months. He was fortunate enough to share office space with Conrad Szewczyk, a law school friend of his uncle's, who became a great mentor for Matt upon starting his legal career. Working side-by-side with Szewczyk, Matt handled cases spanning all areas of the law, gaining great experience, understanding, and client advocacy.

After working with Szewczyk, Matt took a job with an Elder Law and Estate Planning firm where he stayed for 4 years. It was a great learning experience and the skills that Matt developed during his time there have helped turn him into the attorney that he is today.

In the Spring of 2014, Matt joined the Board of Directors of Shore Community Services, an organization dedicated to assisting individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Matt lives in Northbrook with his wife and two children. He is both a self-proclaimed "foodie," constantly experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and an avid craft beer enthusiast. When he’s not busy working you will find Matt spending time with his family, out playing a round of golf, or sharing beers with good friends.

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