Elder Law Technology

One of the biggest concerns that Elder Law attorneys address is medication compliance. Simply stated, our clients’ loved ones and children want to know that they are taking the right medicine, at the right dose, at the right time. Fortunately there are cost effective medication dispensers that will sound a reminder alarm telling someone that it’s time for the next dose. The appropriate medicine will be dispensed and will only remain available for a certain amount of time, thereby eliminating the potential for multi-dosing. And if a senior does miss a dose, the dispenser will contact a child or Power of Attorney.

Another issue Elder Law attorneys frequently address is monitoring a senior client’s activities. Family members and friends want to know that the senior is active, but safe. There are some very economical, non-intrusive solutions to this problem. A wireless monitoring system can be installed in the senior’s home that can actually learn the senior’s normal pattern or daily routine. If something outside of the norm occurs, the system will report back to a child or loved one. These systems can learn things like the typical times that the senior goes to sleep and gets out of bed. It can recognize when the senior makes a trip to the bathroom and reports to the child or loved one f there is a significant spike in activity, which could indicate an infection. It can also monitor kitchen activity. These systems can even notify a loved one if there has been no movement around the home for a period of time.

Another device that people are familiar with is the medical alert button. These buttons come with many features and benefits. If a senior is active and travels, he or she can wear a cellular alert button. If family members are worried about a senior wandering away in a confused state there are GPS enabled systems that can be hidden in a wrist-watch.

Many people are worried about the loss of privacy these technologies can require. The good news is these issues and potential problems can be solved without employing cameras or microphones. In the end, it’s about maintaining our seniors’ independence, while keeping them safe, and allowing children and loved ones to have peace of mind.

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